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Frequently Asked Questions

I already have a website. Is it possible to move it to AT&T?

Yes. Once you select either a Website Plan or a Build It For Me plan you will have access to tools to upload files of your existing website. You will also need to point your existing domain name to AT&T. Please contact us at 1.888.WEB.HOST if you’d like us to walk you through the process.

I already own a domain name but it's not with AT&T. Can I continue to use my domain name if I subscribe to an AT&T Website or Business Class Email plan?

Yes. You will need to point your existing domain name to our name servers. Within 24 hours, your domain will be associated with your new AT&T services. Please contact us at 1.888.WEB.HOST if you’d like us to walk you through the process.

What kind of support do you provide to your customers?

For our customer’s convenience, we provide a wide array of helpful resources. Use these resources not only to help you get started but also for ongoing support. You can begin by accessing our Resource Center for useful tools like how-to videos, small business webinars, blogs, and user guides. You can also use our online chat feature that is available through your Control Panel.
Need more help? Our technical support is available 24/7 in English and Spanish at 1.888.WEB.HOST.

Are there limits to the amount of traffic I can receive or to the files I can post online?

No. AT&T Website Plans and Build It For Me Design Plans include unlimited storage and bandwidth so you do not need to worry about allocations. Please view our Acceptable Use Policy for to ensure AT&T is the right host for your website.

Can I sell products online with AT&T Website Solutions?

Yes. The Website Plan – Premium, and Build It For Me – Premium plans both include the option to host an online store. You can choose to set-up your store on your own or have our professional design team set up your storefront including shipping, currency, taxes and payment gateways. Visit our Ecommerce Features page to learn more about your options.

Do I need to know HTML and web coding to build my website if I purchase a Website Plan from AT&T?

No. Our tools are designed with the non-technical user in mind. Most design tools are drag and drop and function quite similar to popular desktop software such as Microsoft Office PowerPoint or Publisher. We’ve made it easy for you or your employees to fully manage a professional online business.

If I design a website with AT&T, will my customers be able to find it when searching online?

All self-design and professional design plans include tools to optimize your website for search engines and also submit it to popular search engines for ranking consideration. Select plans also have tools to promote your business on popular online business directories and tools to create email newsletters to encourage repeat traffic from your customers.

I prefer to manage my mail on Outlook or via my mobile webmail software. Is your email compatible?

Yes. The email found in the Website, Build It For Me and Business Class Email plans is fully compatible with popular email software such as Outlook. Details are included in the email set up tools within the control panel.

I received an email Notification to verify my domain information. Is this legitimate?

Yes this is in accordance with the new regulations from the Internet Corporation of Assigned Names & Numbers (ICANN). This new ICANN Verification Notice Change began January 2014.

Verification means contacting the domain owner either by phone or email and getting an affirmative response.

Why do I need to verify?
Examples of when you need to verify your contact details:
• purchase a domain for the first time
• update your domain account details
• transfer a domain
• Registrar is aware of inaccuracy from WhoIs data

When would I need to verify?
When a new domain is registered, the registrar will immediately send an email to the email address specified for the domain. The verification email will be also sent if an edit is made to some of the Registrant contact fields.

What do I need to verify?
Depending on the Registrar, to confirm your information, most customers will simply click the Confirm button within the email. However, some customers will click on a link and must check the checkbox for Terms of Service and then click “submit.” Verification is not complete until the appropriate steps based on the Registrar are done. However, once you respond, the domain is verified!

You must verify the email address by clicking on the link within 15 calendar days which starts the day of Registration or WHOIS Update. You will receive additional notifications from the Registrar, but it is best to verify your information as soon as possible. If you do not verify within 15 calendar days, the domain will be put on a hold status.

How do I get help?
Website Solutions has no control of this new process, but we are here to help. If you did not verify your domain information within the 15 day timeframe and your domain is now in a suspended status, please contact Customer Service. It is specifically stated and required that only the registrant can verify the contact details associated with their domain name so we cannot verify your information on your behalf. However, we can send you another email so you can verify your information.

Please note, at no time will these emails require you to login!

*ICANN stands for Internet Corporation for Assigned Names and Numbers. They coordinate the unique identifiers that create a URL across the world. ICANN also operates the InterNIC website to provide the public with information regarding Internet domain name registration services. Their public directory of all domain names and registrants is known as the *WHOIS database.

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