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How to use email marketing to grow your business

Email marketing is one of the oldest online tools for growing your business, and to this day, it is still one of the most effective.

Despite countless new tools for social media and video marketing, over three-quarters of businesses continue to invest time and money in email marketing.

This article reveals why email is such a popular tactic to generate more business. We also include eight tips to help you deliver successful email marketing campaigns.

Why should you use email to grow your business?

As your business grows, it becomes harder and harder to maintain regular, personal interactions with all of your customers and contacts. Email is an easy way to deliver personalized communications on a large scale, giving you the opportunity to stay in touch and deliver helpful information to your growing list of contacts.

And because email messages are sent directly to your contacts, they have a much more personal and intimate feel than social media broadcasts on Twitter, Instagram or Facebook.

By delivering helpful information and reminding your contacts about the value you can provide, email marketing helps grow your business in three ways:

  • keeping your business top-of-mind when contacts are ready to buy
  • encouraging contacts to buy more things from you
  • encouraging contacts to buy from you more often

Eight tips for success with email marketing

Interested in giving email a try for your business? These tips will help you plan and deliver a successful email marketing campaign:

  1. Use the right tool. Email marketing is definitely not something you want to do with your regular email program. A dedicated email marketing application makes it easy to send high quality, professional-looking emails that make it past spam filters to reach your audience. You will also get helpful reports to tell you how your email campaign is performing.
  2. Make a plan. Email marketing works best as a sustained program, so plan ahead, and stick to the plan. After a while, your contacts will recognize the consistency and value of your emails, and will be more likely to open them.
  3. Use great subject lines. No matter how great your email content is, the message will be lost if your contacts don’t open it. Effective subject lines provide a clear indication of the value inside the email, and also a bit of intrigue to generate curiosity and opens.
  4. Make it relevant. Always think of the needs of your audience first when planning emails. What do they care about? What problems are they struggling with? The more you match your content to those needs, the more relevant your emails will be and the more success you will have. Another great way to make your emails more relevant is to personalize them with the contact’s first name or other information.
  5. Make it beautiful. Photography, graphics and color are great tools to help draw in your reader and communicate your message. Some email marketing tools include professionally designed templates to help you create great-looking emails in no time.
  6. Test and measure. One of the great things about email marketing is the number of ways you can measure success. Your email marketing tool should include reports on open rates, click-through rates and other key metrics. You can use these metrics to test different messages and subject lines to see which ones are most effective.
  7. Always grow your list. Email addresses regularly change and get retired, so unless you take action, your email marketing list will shrink over time. Make sure you take advantage of every opportunity to gather new contact emails. You can capture them on your website, at events, during sales calls and at the point of sale.
  8. Know and obey the laws. As well as being a nuisance, email spam is illegal in most jurisdictions so make sure you have permission to email all of your contacts. And never buy lists of email addresses from third parties. This can cause you to be blacklisted and your future emails won’t be delivered. Always provide a way for contacts to remove themselves from your email communications (a.k.a. “unsubscribe”, or “opt out”). Almost all email marketing tools help you automate this process. The key to long-term success is to send valuable emails to those of your fans who want it!

What’s next:

With the right planning and the right tool, email marketing is an easy, fun and effective way to generate more business. Learn about AT&T’s email marketing solutions.

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