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Search for your business domain name and use it every time you communicate with your customers. Extend your domain name to Business Class Email and Email Marketing and keep your business top of mind.

Choose one or more domain extensions for your business to
maximize your online presence.

  • .com ("commercial”) - first choice for businesses as it is recognized the most.
  • .net ("network") used for intranet websites.
  • .org ("organization") – intended for charities and other
    non-profit organizations.
  • .info (“informational”) - for businesses that are an online information resource.
  • .biz (“business”) - the only domain dedicated solely to
    businesses around the world.

What’s your business domain extension?

Over 30 TLD’s to choose from. Find one that’s right for your business.*

*Prices vary, starting at $15. per year. Only .com, .org, .net, .info, .biz, qualify to be included as a free domain on a 1 year agreement.

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  • .com
  • .agency
  • .photography
  • .builders
  • .construction
  • .plumbing
  • .careers
  • .org
  • .company
  • .solutions
  • .care
  • .contractors
  • .rentals
  • .dental
  • .net
  • .club
  • .technology
  • .catering
  • .enterprises
  • .repair
  • .engineering
  • .info
  • .equipment
  • .associates
  • .church
  • .fitness
  • .services
  • .financial
  • .biz
  • .management
  • .boutique
  • .cleaning
  • .florist
  • .training
  • .partners

Starting at $15/yr.


Private Domain Registration

When you register a domain name, your information is stored in a public database. Private Domain Registration enables AT&T to conceal your private information and replace it with our own. This service helps to protect your personal details and prevent spam and unwanted solicitation. Private Registration is $6/year and can be ordered while purchasing a domain name.

Redemption Policy

If a domain is not renewed on its annual anniversary (as requested by a customer), the domain will fall into a renewal grace period status for 30 calendar days. During this period, the domain is only available to the original owner for renewal, and the cost is the same as a standard renewal. On the 31st day, the domain falls into a redemption status. During this period, customers have the option to renew the domain for a redemption fee of $200 USD plus the cost of the domain renewal.

Registrants' Benefits and Responsibilities
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All registered domains auto-renew on the anniversary of their purchase. We will send you an email notifying you prior to the anniversary date. For domain assistance please call
1.888.WEB.HOST (888.932.4678).

Domain Support

For domain support please call 1.888.WEB.HOST (888.932.4678).