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With easy-to-use analytics tools.

How did visitors arrive at your website? How long did they spend on each page? Where did they go next? Are they a returning visitor? Which day of the week do you have the most visitors?

The success of marketing your site relies on having the answers to questions like these. Our easy to use analytics tool which comes with all of our plans provides the insights to help you find the solutions.

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Small business mobile websites

Engagement: Understand your website visitors.

Visitors to your site will use different devices to get there. With our analytics tool you can see how many visitors browse your website from their computers versus mobile devices and tablets. If your results indicate that you have traffic from mobile devices, you may want to create a separate mobile-optimized site designed for your mobile users. Engage your visitors on their chosen device.

Customer Behavior: Make the most of every opportunity.

Web Analytics will reveal patterns that you can take advantage of to increase sales or improve traffic during slow periods. With this information, you can learn visitor behavior such as which times of the day, week or month are busiest for your site, and then make the most of those peak periods. Ramp up your social media or email marketing efforts (links to email marketing page) to boost traffic and sales.

Search: Find the magic words.

Discover which specific key words and search phrases customers are using to find your website. Use these terms to optimize your search marketing activities, repeating current successes and finding gaps that need to be addressed. The more you know about your customers and how they go looking for your products and services, the more you can tailor your site to meet their needs and increase sales and conversions.

Sales: Optimize your ecommerce activities.

Web Analytics helps you see exactly what's working with your ecommerce activities. Use your results to find out which campaigns are having the greatest success or where visitors drop off. Test different offers or discounts and learn which ones are most successful at driving sales. It's easy since with our tools, you can see your results in real time.