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Intuitive website analytics tools help you drive more business from your website.

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Today, analysis is more important than ever. Trends can change in the blink of an eye, and before you know it you may have missed your opportunity to capitalize on an event or hot item. How do you ensure that you're making the most out of your data? Online website analytics tools can help. Coupled with web traffic analytics tools and website traffic boosters, you can turn data into traffic and visits into engagement. How can website analytics help a business? Merely being seen isn't enough, and not all traffic is created equally. If you want to merge your visibility with your message and produce clicks with interest, you need to get everything you can out of the information that you have available.

Do you know how much business your website created for you last year?
Which of your marketing campaigns are generating a positive ROI?
Which ones aren’t?

Our website analytics tools can give you those answers.

All of our website plans include web-based reporting and analytics tools that provide valuable insights about your website, your marketing campaigns, and most of all, your customers.

Available in real time, these website statistics help you make your website more effective and allow you to put your marketing dollars in the right places.


Our website analytics tools show you how customers get to your site and exactly what they do when they get there. For example, you might learn that very few visitors arrive via search engines, so you need to create more content that is optimized for search. Or, you may notice that many ecommerce customers are abandoning their shopping cart before making a purchase. Website analytics can show you exactly where you are having issues so you can fix problems and boost sales.


Website analytics can also provide insights about the effectiveness of your marketing campaigns. Are many visitors arriving from your Facebook® page or your Twitter® feed? If not, you may need to adjust the content or offers that you post on social media. You can also learn whether your print ads are effective by checking traffic to dedicated landing pages.


Where are your visitors from? What devices are they using? What are they interested in? You can learn all of these things with our website analytics tools. Powerful dashboards make it easy to discover key demographic data and usage statistics. You can learn what visitors are searching for before arriving at your website, and which of your pages, topics or product categories are most popular. You can also find out your peak periods and your slow periods. This will allow you to adjust your offers or ramp up your promotions to make the most of traffic fluctuations.

Customer Behavior: Make the most of every opportunity.

Web Analytics will reveal patterns that you can take advantage of to increase sales or improve traffic during slow periods. With this information, you can learn visitor behavior such as which times of the day, week or month are busiest for your site, and then make the most of those peak periods. Ramp up your social media or email marketing efforts (links to email marketing page) to boost traffic and sales.