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Website security made simple

In the fast pace modern online environment you want to make sure your website is protected from every angle. SiteLock® and SSL provide a piece of mind to you and your customers online. Do not leave security to chance. Take the proactive security approach.


Help keep your website free of viruses.

Make sure your website is protected from outside threats and malware with SiteLock®.

  • A comprehensive website security toolkit that scans your website to help protect against threats including malware, viruses and hackers. You will get peace of mind knowing that your website and visitors will be protected.
  • Daily scan of your website helps remove any threats, malware or hacker activity immediately and resolved cleaning your website done to improve performance and customer experience.
  • Gain confidence that your website is protected from malware and viruses and avoid getting backlisted by search engines. No expert required, easily manage and monitor your website’s health.
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How to take full advantage of SiteLock®


Helps provide that your website is trustworthy with SSL.Basic SSL is included in our website hosting plans.

Build trust with your customers by making sure the connection to your website is protected.

  • Protect your business and your customers with 128/256 bit encryption. “Point-to-verify” technology shows real time verification of your business credentials and warranty by providing a seal on your website.
  • Show that your website is highly secure, employs SSL and protects user information from being intercepted by attackers.
  • Premium SSL certificates provide Comodo’s warranty as an additional layer of protection.
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SSL Premium can only be configured on a website hosted with AT&T Website Solutions.

TrustLogo is deployed using Comodo's innovative 'Point to Verify™' technology. Website visitors can request a real-time identity verification of the website displaying the TrustLogo simply by hovering their mouse over the logo. The identity of the website is then verified using Comodo's Identity Assurance infrastructure in real-time, and a summary of the site's credentials are displayed to the visitor. Further essential site details are available by clicking on the TrustLogo itself.

What’s the difference?

SiteLock® is a toolkit that helps protects your website from hackers and outside threats that can cause harm to the actual website and any data stored on it. SSL helps make the connection to the website secure, protecting it from being intercepted and used for malicious purposes.

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