Online Fax Multi-Line

The fax solution that grows when you do.
Offering online fax for mid to large size
businesses that connects multiple users to a
simple online cloud based interface. Now,
the whole team can send and receive faxes
on-the-go from virtually any device

Faxing may seem like a blast from the past, but, in reality, faxing is still a very real business necessity. In this era of increasingly high-tech digital technology, sometimes data still needs to be transmitted the “old-fashioned” way. As long as some business transactions exist that require pen and paper, faxing is here to stay. Luckily, the internet and digital technology have made faxing easier, more reliable, and highly secure. Cloud based fax solutions deliver the convenience of modern technology to assist with your business needs. With AT&T online fax service, your business can enjoy the following benefits:

  • Anytime access to faxes from multiple devices
  • Toll-free faxing around the world
  • Low overhead costs, with no need for expensive equipment or supplies

Scalable, cloud-based solution with user access to a shared fax page

Manage multiple users with multi-level admin and eliminate extra landlines

Encryption for secure online file sharing to ensure privacy of confidential information

Usage reporting, cost management and customizable settings

This is fax of the future.

Sending a fax should be as easy as sending an email. AT&T Online Fax Multi-line is designed for efficient and reliable file sharing for your growing business. Depend on us so your customers can depend on you.

  • Avoid capital and maintenance costs
  • Enable users to share fax page allotments
  • Maintain protection and data retention
  • Provide mobile access for all employees
  • Support any file format
  • Meet the technical, operational and administrative requirements of HIPAA (Encrypted package only).
Online Fax Multiline

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