Reach customers on the go

Mobile Websites

Mobile-optimized websites are designed to attract and engage customers browsing on a mobile device. The AT&T Mobile Website plan makes it easy to reach customers that are searching for information on the go. Features include click-to-call and click-to-map functionality. Use QR Codes for mobile marketing. Track your results with web reports.

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  • $3/mo


Mobile Features

  • Multi-Page Mobile Site
  • Click-to-Call
  • Click-to-Map
  • Contact Form
  • Automated Link to Standard Website
  • Design Editor to Build and Manage Mobile Website
  • Mobile Quick Start Website Templates
  • Website Import/Converter Wizard
  • Custom Navigation Menus
  • Anytime Mobile Site Preview
  • SEO Tools

Mobile Marketing

  • QR Code Generation

Marketing Tools: Content Support

  • Image Support (jpg, png, gif, avi, mpg, and more)
  • Social Media Content Integration via Feeds (Twitter, Facebook, Youtube)

Publishing and Distribution

  • One-click Publishing Across Platforms
  • Import and Address Book for Distribution
  • Storage Limit: Unlimited
  • Bandwidth Limit: Unlimited
  • Page View Limit: Unlimited


  • Geolocation Reports
  • Track Users, Devices, Platforms, Media Usage
  • Interactive Dashboard
  • Data Export Options (Excel, XML, CSV)

Integration and Development Tools

  • No New Domain Name Required
  • Automatic Redirect to Mobile site

Operating Systems and Devices

  • iPhone 3 & 4
  • RIM Blackberry
  • Symbian
  • Android
  • Windows Mobile
  • 4,500+ supported devices
  • Automatic Redirect of all Mobile-based Visitors

* Please note in order to purchase the full version you must have either a Website Plan (Self Design) or Build It For Me Plan (Professional Design).